PR Blunder, Pithching to Bloggers the Wrong way.

I recently got a comment on Buying Digital Camera Guide for Dummies. Now why am I writing about this comment? If it were a spam comment I would not have given a damn. However, it was a PR pitch. In an earlier post I analyzed some good ways and some not so good ways of emailing your customers. In this post, I will talk about some fundamental mistakes you can do while pitching to bloggers, and mistakes you should avoid. Read on for more.

The company in discussion is mapmyindia, and as mentioned earlier, a certain person by the name Tarun Gupta left a comment on by blog post. The comment is for all to see over here.

  • This guy did not even bother to address me by my name. I am sure he did not even bother to find out.
  • Did this guy, read even a single post of mine? I don't think so. I don't even think he saw my profile(he posted the same stuff as comment on two other blogs of mine).
  • Why the heck should I use their widgets in my blog?
It really annoys me and am sure annoys you my readers, to come across such irrelevant comments. It is very sad that a company like mapmyindia for which I had admiration until this incident should stoop to such cheap tactics. (I am even averse now to take their name).

Blogosphere is abuzz with what not to do while pitching to bloggers, but I guess it falls on deaf ears of these folks.

Jennifer Laycock has a list of 5 mistakes that can cost you dearly when pitching to bloggers.

  • Use the right name. (This guy got that wrong)
  • Don't lie about reading a blog (Again wrong on this front)
  • Check to see if a blogger accepts pitches (No sign of this)
  • Don't pitch irrelevant products( partially guilty)
  • Don't make assumptions(What do you say?)
What you have to realize before it's too late is that bloggers are not like traditional media. They are here for a passion not for dough. So any amount of goodies, pitches cannot earn you their trust. But, that is not to say that bloggers are a bunch of stubborns. The way to get closer to bloggers is through conversation over the blog. Yes, it is a bit hard but you don't have a choice as you can see in this case of me vs mapmyindia.

What do you feel? What did you do in such situations? Am I right in not endorsing the product?
Please leave your comments.

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