Some people are meant to be born, live and fade in this world.

Not one thing changes when we vanish from the face of the world. Then why do we give so much importance to ourselves and others. In this large universe with billions of galaxies, our Milky Way is one small one, in this Milky Way there is one inconsequent system that we call solar system. On this system we have a small planet called the earth. On one corner of this huge small planet we exist with billions of other individuals, who are no different from us. This should tell us what small creatures we are; this should tell us how insignificant we are. This is what more or less every one tells. That our lives are small, we are small we are insignificant before something or someone.

We should not be like this, we should not be like that, and what not. We have been hearing all this for our entire lifetime.

Now, tell me one thing, who found out that there are so many galaxies in the world, a small insignificant person like you and me. Who found that we live in a small galaxy called Milky Way, who found that we live on something called earth in solar system? It is none other that one or more small faceless individuals like us. So where do they stand. They are insignificant because they are so small in physical terms in this universe, or they are so big because it was they who gave a shape to the concept of universe.

Take the same analogy with what’s happening to our lives. Not everybody is capable of doing great things because they don’t even think they can do great things. Most of the famous and notorious persons in the history of the mankind were supposedly underachievers. There were many who ruled them out to be losers, they were ruled out from doing anything significant for the society. But then time and again all of them were proved wrong. Many have come like that and many will come like that. Nobody will care damn about you when you are no more. But you can do something for these nobody so that you are everywhere and nowhere.

Not everybody achieves this, but then how many achieved this? Think of all people in your life, and think of all the people of whom you have heard, tell me how many of the people in your life have a name? How many people are there whom you never saw but keep thinking of everyday?

It’s up to you to decide where you want to go. Do you want to make a difference? You have it in you, only thing is do you want to.

It’s easy to be one among many, but it’s easier to be unique in this group. (Just don’t want to be one among many)

I wish you all the best.