The Girl at Night

Once in a while you come across some one who makes an impression. Very rarely did it happen that someone whom I have seen for just a few seconds made an impression.

The night was young with the Sun having some four more hours to kiss the horizon. The stars were peeking through the clouds, which danced in ecstasy a while ago. The earth was having best of the time, with a cool breeze embracing it after a fresh bath. The fragrance of the soft was as if it had a coat of powder. Such was the weather, when I half drowsy, was paving the streets of the bangalore at this unmanly hour.

I was walking by when suddenly my heart beat gave a skip. The sight before my eyes was something I will cherish for long. There was this girl in early tween, draped in white and black, she moved with a grace that would put the courtesan of heaven at shame. She did not look innocent, she did not look modest, there was air of attitude, an feeling of care, mischief in the eyes, nimbleness in the movement, peace in the smile and a radiance in her face.

I felt as if I should entwine her, just like a creeper entwines a tree.The breeze as if to make this true blew her hair on to my face. The next moment I thought is she real, will she vanish of if I touch her, before my hand raised to feel her cheek, she was few steps past me. I turned back and kept watching her until she became one with the night.