It's the day all the 5Day' SC's (Software coolies) eagerly await for. After loitering 60 hrs in office over the weekday, its time to catch some sleep and rest in office!! . True, most of us (me of course) relish going to office on Saturdays. To tell you frankly most of the work gets done only on this day.

Plans for this weekend were no different, wake up, cook a brunch, go to office and do what you do their every day. But this Friday eve plans were different for a change.Wanted to go some place with my college buddies and get nostalgic aka kgpistyle, instead of a stupid insipid movie in a bug(may also be a virus) infested cinema house.

So caught on with kk and mallu, on a hunt, the hunt that started out as "Hunt for The Red October" and ended as "The Mouse Hunt", taking us to all possible places. I leave for your imagination to think of them. For those who are not familiar with this I am sorry I have no intention of explaining it in more detail than this.

Our hunt finally ended where it started "TGIF" and all of you who are wondering what the hell is "TGIF", it stands for "TGI Friday's", don't ask me what is "TGIF" because I am not going to tell you, if you are so curious make a guess, and if your grey cells are not cooperating (of course how will they if you haven't any) then use the ubiquitous Google. Coming to back to TGIF, it's a good place (if you have your pockets full) and a great place (if you are on a treat). Unfortunately for me the first was true.

The evening started with the three of us ordering some moderate stuff to warm up with along with some exotic sounding/ looking (taste, no comments!!) dish. As the evening went by we slowly came into our elements, especially me who for the first time in over 2 quarters didn't even smell 1/2 a quarter. As my deep rooted belief goes that "You should pamper yourself once in a while", I decided to go ahead without any care, this day(or rather evening).

This decision on my part resulted in the "Maitre'D" making a couple of more trips to our table than what we originally planned for. It was fun to see myself in state of impending joy, kk calm and composed even after a big shot, and mallu who was a master in the game trying to come in terms with vows of celibacy from such acts(it's not difficult to guess why :) )

The evening ended on a unfortunate high note as we left TGIF, to KK's place, with the intention of continuing where we left.As usual Murphy had different ideas, as we discounted the ground rule that this was Bangalore and the time was near midnight(!!), when even ghosts don't roam around for the simple reason that they can't find a simple soul to trouble at this time of night. (Gosh.. they call 0000 hrs night!!).

Without my knowledge I dropped down silently(ask mallu), with the thoughts of going back to office.

Of course what happened when I woke up, was what I did not expect. I will tell you all about that some time later. But for now, I feel you had enough of my stuff to make you crazy till next Friday. You can be happy that:

Thank GOD It's five days later.
Disclaimer: The above piece is a work of Fiction, any resemblance to real persons or places is purely a Coincidental. The author doesn’t take any responsibility for such occurrences.