League of My Own

Now many said to me that I am not normal. They had there own reasons for that, but none too imaginative. Starting from wondering in disbelief at my hobby of vacationing alone, indulging in food as no other, to having a hobby of changing hobbies.

But, how do I see it. To be frank I don't know. I know many people who did more than what I can do in a short. So I am no great, but somewhere down the line I am different from the folks I am with.

Probably that puts me in a league of my own. Nevertheless, I am not writing this to brag about myself.(Which of course I am did till now). This league i referred to in the title is not same league I was talking about a while ago.

Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I longed to go independent. Not that I was terribly unhappy with what I am doing. But, its a longing that I noticed with people who feel why should I work for some one. Any ways, this piece of writing is a window to the things to come.

I have made clear not in so clear terms where I am headed. Will update more on you from my league.