The NeXtGen

Now Now.. How many times do you get the chance to see some stuff that hooks you, coddles you, entices you, lures you, and just gets on to you. And if it so happens that two such things happen to you in a span of minutes, I don't have words to describe this truly overwhelming phenomena.

The first is some thing called Open Laszlo. To put it in simple terms, this guy lets you write what you want in XML and generates a SWF or a DHTML out of it. Now have a look at its capabilities, and you can't but think of all the old times, when you slogged to create a control like that. Just go

The other is in a totally different domain. This ones called Chumby (did I here some one say chubby ). This totally shook me of my feet. A "massively Cute" (My unregistered Trade Mark) open source hardware. Every thing you need to build the system is out there in the open(How safe, no need to worry that some one will steal your design!). Now if you have it in you, just let your mind free for all the things you can do with it.

I am sure there exist more such stuff out there -- over here in the web. Just drop by a mail to me in case you come across such stuff.

Thanks to Madhukar(a guy with me at Nirma Labs)for introducing me to a whole new world, that I was not aware of.


Anonymous said...

You should look at HaXe, then - is more fun ;)

(guess who...)