A lot has been written about Dhoom 2. Now do you need one more of these stuffs saying how awesome, or awful it is. How it doesn't standup to Dhoom 1 or that its much better than the original. I heard a lot from quite some folks that it does not match 1, more number have told me its the best movie they have seen for some time.

I am not going to discuss all those things here. First as you all know by this time, its an out and out Hrithik's movie. Man!! this guy is going to be the next biggest thing, unless his fame's gets over him. His amazing bod, screen presence, and how he lights up the dance floor. I am sure there will not be one gal who will not get floored. I for sure am a big fan of him. I heard some rumors as to he being the next Rambo, if this is true, that's the best that can happen to the world cinema. One more superstar in the world arena.

The next best thing is, yes you guessed it right Aishwarya. I was waiting for around 10years to see her in role like this. The scene where she strips and confronts Hrithik is awesome. The boldness on her face and in the body language is what I wanted to see all these years. Folks out there, please don't make a sati savitri out of her, she deserves to be cast bold. I just hated her in the Kajra re look, but Man!! see her here she is simply awesome. The tanned look and the slim figure (as thin a waist, as if it will slip out of my hand) will give any guys heart beat a skip.
I have a small complaint though, in the later half of the movie, she seems to confused with this new bold character and all those sati savitri characters. This not to take anything away from her, but a tad away from perfect.

Enough of Ashik (Aiswarya and Hrithik :) ) check out the trailer from here.

Coming to Abhishek, he holds his stead in spite of Hrithik, and I am glad he plays it well by restraining himself in all the scenes where he could have overdone. If not for his paunch (check him out in Guru, it's his movie all the way and he got the paunch for it), he was a no nonsense cop to perfection.

The other two Uday and Bips are good but may get on to your nerves(Bips. in Brazil). Thankfully you will be diverted before they truly disturb your sanity. The other thing is in movie branding, Sony,Coke, Pepe, Suzkui, have got a great deal. I felt there was some scope for Nike, Gucci, Swatch.

I will not compare this with Dhoom-1, but if you put a gun, I feel Dhoom-1 had that punch with it no nonsense approach. Dhoom-2 is really a masala packed in larger than life glitz.

Just Enjoy.. Dhoom Machale..