One of the most awaited releases, and the first big movie of 2007 Guru is out. There was enough buzz around the movie, for more than a few reasons. First it's a movie supposed to based on the legendary Dhirubhai, second it's supposed to take Abishek to a new league, it's Mani Rantnam's movie. Mani's movies still carry that different factor from all the others.

I liked the movie, great camera work, and as usual excellent use of colour. I won't go and harp about what is good and what is bad, that's for the public to decide. I will just give my impression. It was a great effort from all the actors, Mithun da's excellent portrayal as Nanaji, the editor of "The Independent", Aishwarya as Guru's wife Sujata, Madhavan and Vidya Balan in short but sweet role did justice to their characters. I was really impressed with Aishwarya, I should rate this as her best performance ever. Mithun da was superb. The one left Abishek was outstanding. It is without doubt his best performance to day. The way he carries himself, the restraint in the dialogue delivery, the poise in the frame, it was a treat to the eyes.

I was a bit unhappy at the length of the movie, and what all it could have covered. I doubt if it will become a runaway hit seeing the crowds at the cinema house. Having said that, I would say this on an ending note. "If you are someone who dreams big then watch this movie".


ankurindia said...

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