I just Love this Photo!!

Photography is an art. And some photographers are sheer genius. Probably no other art form epitomizes Edison's quote "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". So many great photos happen in a moment which no body except the third eye of the photographer and the god above know of.

I am talking here of a photo from Dabboo Ratnani's Calender 2007. There is this photo of Kajol (wow, I will come to her later), playing with her cup of coffee along the pool. It's perfect (though I have complaints, again I will deal it later), the smile on her face, the mischievous eyes, the swirl of the coffee, the splash in the pool. I don't have any words to describe it than just lose all my vocabulary. It simply blew me over. For a detail on the photograph check out this page on rediff.

Just check the photo I just can't stop staring at it. If only Dabboo brings out a full size blow up, I would put it up in my room. Now coming back to Kajol. Have you noticed it too, or is it just me who feels it, is she not radiating more exuberance than ever. Looks like marriage and kids has done a lot good to her. She is simply beautiful.

I have the following complaints against this piece of art. If not for one of this it would be a masterpiece in my opinion. The complaints in decreasing order of their severity are
one the logo that reads Dabboo Ratnani; second is with composition, we can surely expect better cropping, third and more serious is the "8ft" right below Kajol.

Whatever be the faults, I just love this photo!!. Great going Dabboo wish to see more such works of art.


Anonymous said...

You should see the Hrithik picture in the same calendar!!!!

Unknown said...

yes, i did see the photo. I agree its a great work. However, the reason I rate this better than that one. The one difference is this conveys more emotions (see kajol) than the one with Hrithik. Timing, composition, technique its great, but i don't get emotional with it. Smiling Kajol makes the difference and hence finds a place in my blog.