iDeas on Vacation

Folks this week and for some time my rate of blogging will be proportional to the rate at which space shuttles crash.

Where am I headed? That's a difficult question to answer, but to satiate your curiosity lets see how I will do.

First I am off to mumbai, will be there with a few friends of mine. I might discuss some world shattering stuff with the folks there. After that I will bug a good friend of mine on my way to Bangalore.

Now starts the fun. This is one city which I hated to be in about three years back. Now I feel it has got me. It has no charm (atleast for me), not great food (i love the mumbai road side stalls), no beach (i can't keep myself off), but there is something more over here in Bangy. It's the people out there. All the folks out there in Bangy, thanks for making my stay there for over two years great. I had a fantastic time with you all. It will be great to get back and meet you. I hope I can meet most of you, if I can't please accept my apologies.

After that, I am off to places where my heart and head dictate. I haven't thought about it. Will for sure let you know of the proceedings though. So enjoy yourself when I am off. Will be back with a bang shortly.


harshad said...

"After that, I am off to places where my heart and head dictate."

Wish i could do that :-)