Entrepreneurship Presentation at NirmaLabs

Those of you who know me well also know that I was at NirmaLabs a Technology Incubator in India. I should say that the six months at NirmaLabs taught me more than any other period in my life. In summary it was a life changing experience. I have come out of NirmaLabs in February 2007, and have not written any thing about my experiences there since. (If you keep an eye on my blogging frequency, the period following my return was lean). Now I have decided to write about my experiences at NirmaLabs, my view about the place and much more.

To my international audience let me tell you what NirmaLabs is all about. It is a place like YCombinator where you can Incubate and launch your company. It has some wonderful people in the driving seat. They help you in meeting lots of entrepreneurs, validating your idea, providing the seed funding, and a lot of other things. More about them in later posts.

Check out the above presentation by Leo, Midhun and Prashant at "YOUNG TECHNO-ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS" conducted by NirmaLabs. Good one, inspires one to go beyond themselves. Keep tuned to the label NirmaLabs, I will write more on my experiences and what NirmaLabs is all about in the future posts.