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Ok Folks, Hold on, I know I haven't been posting for almost a week. No excuses, I take all the blame.(Caught up with some personal work). Coming to some cool stuff, I came across this interesting stuff and am sure you will find it great.

[tHe sTory]
All of us have a mobile phone and most of us have a camera in it. It's a wonderful tool, take photos anytime anywhere and save it on to your system, upload to net and share it with friends and family. Now you have this nice idea of using camera in your mobile phone and do a video chat with your friend in the US of A.
You move to new house in Bangalore and want to show it to your parents.
That little kid of yours is never stable to pose before a webcam. So what is the answer for all this.

It's obvious isn't it.
Use your phone as a mobile webcam and make your chat world mobile.
How do you do it? Read on...

[tHe pRoduct]
Let me present you wwigo (Webcam Where ever I Go), it's a new product from Motvik. The product idea is very cool. It makes your mobile phone with a camera into a webcam, using which you can video chat on some of your favorite clients (Skype, YM!, MSN etc). Currently it is available for most of the nokia series handsets. Hope they extend the support to other models too.

[tHe Buzz]
I just got to see this product today, haven't yet got to try it. (I don't use a Nokia!!). Any way I see a lot fo potential and usage and hacks too using this. Will post more details once I get to test it. If you have have had the chance to use it drop by a few words on your experience.

[tHe cOmpany]
Motvik is founded by Rajan about who is also the confounder of Momo Bangalore. I have talked about Momo Bangalore in an earlier post of mine here. I have interacted with Rajan over mail, he sounds like a pretty nice guy. More about Motvik and Rajan in the coming days.


Nikhil Kamma said...

Moto Rokr also introduced mobile webcam...i think.

Unknown said...

Yes, i agree.
but if u see MotoRokr acts as a web cam when u connect it to the PC over USB. In this case it wireless. you need not bind the mobile/cam to PC as long as you are within the range supported by bluetooth

Anonymous said...

Check out SmartCam, released under GPL is available from Currently tested on Nokia 6600, the project can grow to support Series 60 3rd edition phones.

Anonymous said...

Rajan is a pretty nice guy. I know him from the University. Let me know if you want to meet with him.