Meet the Bangalore Bloggers

What do you say when 15 strangers get talking like they are pals since eternity, they mob the few hangouts where sweet couples spend their Saturday evenings, find it almost impossible to find a place to accommodate them?

Wondering who they are?

They are the first bunch of Bangalore bloggers who met over a "Coffee"! Thanks to Sanjukta for the initiative and her liveliness. I won't get into the details, you can read it at these posts by Dhivya and by Hari .
That's not just it, Bangalore Mirror feature the meet in next days paper. Balu a gamer and a journo does the honors with his friends. (Check me out in the pic).

A mixture of techie. and non-techie crowd, it was fun and some serious stuff. Hari gave an intro about bar camp to all the folks. Then Prayank came up with his idea of a blog journal! (This dude has some cool tips for low cost dating watch him out at BCB 4).

Sridhar a very enthusiastic bloke has some really cool tips on how to market blogs and make money. He is going to take a session on podcasting at BCB 4 Bloggers collective. Also, his idea of Web NGO was well taken by all present, check out for some innovation here.

Ananda Bora an artist with a scientific bent, a silent assassin. Check out some of his art works here.

Dhivya mentioned of David a blogger from Australia who guides bloggers on about their blogs. Check him out for some great insights.

Was I excited to meet all these folks? You bet on that!!

There were many others, who write on various things about which you can read at the blogs mentioned earlier. All you folks at the meet it was great to meet you all and share some wonderful stuff. Hope to pick up from here and build a best blogger's community.!!

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Niranjan's Post

The news paper cutout source for this blog is from Dhivya's post


Dhivya said...

hey..ram..good post :)

anandi said...

come on man..
DO I look like a silent Assasin..
Within no time you have rated me a DUMB HITMAN.

Unknown said...


that was not to offend you. Since for most part you were silent, but then had some great stuff and talent. It was supposed as a comment. I am sorry if it offended you.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Ramjee,

Great to see the mainstream media covering a meeting of bloggers.

More power to all of you.

Bangalore does seem to have a great blog vibe, judging by all the sites I've seen.

Rock on ....



david mcmahon said...

Just posted something that might interest you and Dhivya and the Bangalore Bloggers ....



KG said...

Hey! I was wondering if there were going to be any more blogger meets soon- I'd like to come as well!
My blog is