Need Your Advice, Need your action.


I know you all are reading my blog. Some of you enjoy reading it, some of you don't. A review of my posts in the recent times show that I have been not consistent in posting on a particular topic.

My niche area is Design and Usability. However, I notice that I am not posting regularly on this topic. The same is the case with Entrepreneurship, and Indian Startups,Products. One thing I am being regular at is Links to various sources, Open Source stuff.

I somehow feel it's lot of clutter, and want to get to cleaning act. I need your help on where to take this blog from here.

Please leave your suggestion in the comments.

A request to all my passive readers, come out into the open, let me know what you want. Let "zLesa" turn to be the blog to read.

Some guiding questions are as follows. (Not limited, let me know what you really feel.)

  • What do you want to me to blog?
  • Why do you read my blog?
  • Somethings nice about it?
  • Somethings not so nice about it?
  • What will make you come back to it again?
  • What will make you comment on it?
  • Anything and everything that you want me to know!


Anonymous said...

As ur is niche area is "Design and Usability", why dont you leaser beam concentrate on the same thing which is heavly needed for todays indian startups by the way you can become consultant as Web Architecture. You might have seen lots of indian sites[of all 99% including rediff, indiatimes, etc] are cluttered. Its very usefull if you pursue your niche area and help build greate outstading prodcuts. As there are lots of stuffs about entrepreneurs, VC's etc. I my self have 1000 of rss about entrepreneurs, marketing, vc, angels, etc.

If you want to pursue the same i have some links about the same i will give you one such link you can check and inspire is

Unknown said...


Thanks for the advice. As a matter of fact that is what I am trying to get at!. only need to start focusing more on this.

You are welcome to point me to as many links as possible.
It will be very useful.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Ramjee,

You don't have to be consistent in your choice of subject. The more varied the subjects and the more spontaneous their presentation, the better the blog.

The only consistecy required is in relation to quality - and you have no worries there.

How are the rest of those talented Bangalore bloggers going?

Keep smiling


Unknown said...

hmm you can write more about ur startup the issues u faced....the reasons for u move away from startup environment.....challenges faced...

Unknown said...


I will try to post it in coming weeks.