Running for Running

I love to walk, there are a lot of friends who vouch for how much I made them to walk. One of the things that I decided on coming back to Bangalore was that I will run a marathon. I know it's a huge task for some one like me, but nevertheless I decided to.

As a first step towards this goal, I enrolled myself at the one of the best gyms in the town. Almost three months later, I see myself going 10km and more.

The second best thing that happened is getting to know about Hash. I have seen many social gatherings, clubs, organizations, but never was motivated enough to continue beyond a point. In my opinion most of them are hypocritical, always with contradictions to which, I never got a satisfying answer. Hash does not pretend to be one, nor is it one. It's a group of people getting together to run.
What is it that binds them together? Running/Walking and having fun. I just love to hash. Watch out for more on Greater Bangalore Hash.

To all those who run(You are not alone, there are a lot out there), here is a list of events for the rest of the year. This list is a courtesy this post by Swaroop.

2007 Aug Mysore Half Marathon
2007 Sep Bangalore Times Marathon
2007 Oct Delhi Hutch Half Marathon
2007 Nov Hyderabad Half Marathon
2007 Dec Bangalore RFL Ultra Marathon
2008 Jan Stanchart Mumbai Marathon

It is a great experience to run and I will blog more in the coming days on what it takes to run and how running has slowed down my life. Paradoxical!! yes it is, keep tuned!!


Anonymous said...

Which gym is this?


Unknown said...

Chisel. They are a group which run gyms for corporates (eg: infy, intel, reuters etc)