Make a difference this Independence day

It will be 60 Years this 15th of August from the time since we breathed the first bouts of free air. Times have changed, today 15th of August is just another holiday in most of our lives. In a city like Bangalore it is a day of slumber for most of the folks.

That was my impression until today morning. It all changed with a mail. A mail from an young lady(a fellow blogger), who took it upon her to make a difference to some lives at the dawn of the 60th year of Independent India. She has the following to say:"

15th Aug is when we complete 60 years of our independence and this year me and my friends have decided to do something on that day rather than sitting at home and enjoying it as any other holiday.
We have decided to meet at IndraNagar CMH road, outside Cafe Coffee Day on 15th Aug 2007 from 10 a.m. onwards and we have thought of distributing clothes, stationary etc to people who would need them.
There would be carton boxes kept there where you can come and put in your used but wearable clothes, pencils, pens, note books, etc which we would be distributiing among people.
This is a very small gesture that we have decided to do and I look forward to all support from all of you without which we may not succeed. Hence, requesting each one of you to spare some time, so that you can come in and drop your stuffs which you think someone needy can use. Also, please forward this email to as many people you know and as many network and mailing groups that you are part of so that we have a lot of participation.

Thanks for whatever effort you can put in
Snigdha "

I will be there to chip in what ever I can. It won't take much of your time, just spend 15minutes to give away the stuff you won't need but can help those in need. Let's join our hands in this small cause and take a giant step in building a culture of sharing.

Please publicize this event in all courteous manner as possible. (Mail, Blogs, etc.). For further information please feel free to contact me.


Unknown said...


People should be a bit more cautious about giving out personal information like that! Cell phone numbers and stuff! And there is no info on what would be an appropriate time to call! Maybe women are really good multi-taskers so anytime is good. But in general be careful people - very careful.

And always remember to make sure your house is locked down before going to bed so you are safe from raptors and ninjas.

rads said...

Ramjee - Nice effort. Independence day and our song always brings a special warmth in my heart..
I'd be more than happy to post a link on my blog.

In the meanwhile, fix the 'n' in independence? :)

Unknown said...

I agree!
(To safe the lady the trouble of anonymous calls,I removed the number!!)

Thanks a lot.
I hope we will be able to take a small step in the right direction.

(I posted this half asleep and it shows!! ;))

Aks said...

Awesumm work, dude...!

Unknown said...

Thanks !!

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