Sony Listens to me!! Makes the Remote simpler

How can we improve the design of some mundane things that we come across daily? How do we improve the usability of something as small and as a tv remote? Read on how two companies have come up with interesting solutions to make a tv remote / a washing machine more user friendly. Check out these innovative solutions.

If you have read this post, you know my design philosophy. You know very well how I hate those TV remotes which are a pain to even accomplish simple functions. Looks like Sony heard me and they have introduced new remotes where they have kept the interface real simple. For more check this post on Engadget.

The adjoining interface looks simple, but is it really user friendly. No Idea until I start using it. This was released in the Japanese market. Will such a remote be user friendly in the Indian context. Do we have anything called the culture sensitive design?

The other product that I have come across from this post, is a Washing Machine. This cute looking product is branded Moon is from Indesit. It sure is simple and sexy, and the best part I can understand what to do with it instantly. Is it the same with you? Do you realize the role played by those small images? What do you think of the Moon.

Seeing these products, and the way they try to simplify the stuff. Do you have any products which are complex to use? Let me know, I will do my 2cents worth to see if I can come with a simplified design.

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100rabh™ said...

guess KISS philosophy is not outdated yet

Unknown said...


KISS is never outdated man. People have to come back to it once they make things too complex to handle.