A Substandard Orkut!! is the Indian youth Icon

Orkut was chosen the MTV India's Youth Icon. I am not in agreement with Orkut being chosen the Youth Icon. I know Orkut is very famous among the Indian youth. But Indian Youth Icon. I don't agree. Check this link for more on this. What is more damning is the absolute neglect for usability from a product of Google stable. I had decent expectations from the recent release of Orkut, boy! was I disappointed. Read on for more.!

I will not go on with what is good about Orkut. It does not matter as it is quite popular in this part of the world(India). From a usability perspective, it is one of the worst I have seen.

  • There is no way to search within communities. I am part of 60 odd communities, If I have to go to one community I am forced to browse through all the list. (Worse the list is cannot even be sorted)
  • Cannot search within my scraps.
  • Cannot edit/ modify scraps I wrote.
  • The friends can be viewed as Orkut shows me. I cannot modify/sort the way I can view my friends.
  • I can view friends of my friend, but navigating through them is a pain
  • There is no way, I can sort my scraps nor see more than 30 scraps per page? What surprises me is how come the same company has come with some thing as good as a Google reader.
  • I keep seeing a new message count, though there is none. A bug not fixed for eternity.
  • Community Forums are another big pain. There is no category, nor there is an idea of how many forums exist. It is a complete mess.
These are just some of the stuff that I faced in my limited use of the tool (about 2-4min every day). As a product, it is one of the most substandard I have seen on the web. If the Orkut usability team is hearing me, folks get your act now.

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Anonymous said...

I understand dude.. Orkut certainly needs to do a catchup act. I wrote about an Orkut Security Bug which google has acknowledged.
Till the bug is closed, atleast one shud delete all the message from his/her personal inbox.

You can read abt it here


Anonymous said...

are they hiring you?

Unknown said...

I hope they will improve. (I am not gonna make all over my friends list at some other place again).

I would never think of getting closer. I cannot keep scrapping !! ;).
on second thoughts, not a bad idea though!!

Anonymous said...

hey, even i too believe that orkut is the worst Google product.
yes orkut scrapbook does not allows to view more than 30 scraps (your scrapbook).
and to view 30 scraps of your friend's scrapbook goto his/her scrapbook and append &pageSize=30 in the url ;)

Unknown said...

i have some company ;).
May be we as users can push orkut for better exp. !!