One in a Million!

An amazing shot. I envy and appreciate the photographer who took this shot.

I just can't stop appreciating it.

Thanks to Leo for the source. If any one knows the original source do let me know.

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Prashant Singh said...

really cool. thanks for posting it

Anonymous said...

I thank the lord for creating such a wonderful world filled with wonders like photoshop.

Not really clear to me though if its shopped or not :).

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. shopped ?? But either ways, nice thought there!

Unknown said...

@sandeep and @lavanya
i agree with lavanya,
if it were shopped, good creativity..
otherwise.. i am speechless!!@

Technofun said...

I checked this on flickr, may be you might get the source from there...


Unknown said...


sirji.. send the link.. i could not find this on flickr..