What two days of blogging can do?

A cursory look at the landing page of this blog will tell you that I haven't been blogging for a long time. If you had come here in the past two days you might have noticed my first post after 194 (:)) days. In that post, I had mentioned that three things to be done over a week, fortnight and a month. After three days, where do I stand? In this post, I talk about that, and also about what changes blogging has brought in me over the past two days.

It took me an humongous amount of effort to write the last two posts. Even after that I would not rate them more than 1/10. You see the point, my writing and abiltiy to think has gone down to a very lowly extant. Not only the flow of thoughts, but also my typing speed went down.I averaged about 30 wpm and coupled with the interupted thought flow, it would have been near 20 wpm. This from a high of 60 wpm around an year back.

Over the last two days, my thought train is getting better and typing speed around 40wpm. Thanks to blogging. I also seem to be reading more, and most important of all my grey cells seem to be working, the proof of which you will get to know at the end of this post.

The other two experiments, one of reading every day is progressing well albeit not as what I had initially imagined. I am reading, but I redefine the goal as reading a physical book every day for one hour. I miserably failed at the third stuff. Yesterday, for some reason I had to skip my dinner and the following breakfast. Co-incidentally their was nothing much on offer for lunch, so I had to buckle to my primal carvings.

Wow, I never imagined that short term focus can be so effective. Let me see how it works out in the coming days.Now the proof of my grey cells are the pictures on this blog. I shot them and edited them, and here they are .

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