Bangalore, Leadership and Human Capital

Human capital and leadership are intertwined and our session at SLP Bangalore on Leadership and Human Capital had amazing leaders to share their story and guide us along the way.

In the morning session we had Freeman Murray, Harold D'souza, Jagadish Kini, andVaibhav Tewari. Each of the guests walked us through their experiences of building teams. Some of the key ideas from each of the speakers were:

Vaibhav introduced us to the analogy between a building and a company. The founders form the foundation, the core team-the pillars, the first team-the first floor and so on. One other thing that came across in his talk and stressed by all other guests is the importance of values. Balancing conflicts in the teams, regular communication with advisers/investors/employees were couple of points from Freeman.

Harold introduced us to a "Must", presenting oneself. He talked on importance of  being clear about compensation, maintaining a clean image of the company etc. Jagadish Kini talked about 5C's Character, Consistence, Collaboration, Commitment and Communication. He elaborated on each of the 'C's and tied it back to how they all are necessary for companies success.

The following panel discussion brought out many points on:

  • How to figure out the value system of the person you are hiring?
  • What kind of questions to put while interviewing to get the best possible person on board.
Post lunch we had Ramanand Mundukur, Muthukrishnan Chinnasamy, Vivek Madappa. Ramanand talked about the three important relationships in a start-up and how to manage them: Employess, Co Founders and Self. Muthukrishnan stressed on unrelenting focus on execution, customer focus and commitment. Vive Madappa was stimulative, his talk was hard hitting and provoked us to think out of the comfort zones. The following statement from his slide stands out:
Your Worth = Demand for what you do * Your ability to do it * the difficulty of replacing it.

 We had an extended discussion on various aspects of managing people and self. Over the course of the discussions there were some books referred which I mention here:

Blue Ocean Strategy:  Chan Kim, Renee Mouborgne
Think and Grow Rich: Napolean Hill

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