For Once and All: A photo

The other hour I was going through a blog by one more soul in cyberspace.I come across this.What is this??

I always imagined something like this should be possible and voila it comes alive before my eyes.All you photography geeks may not approve of it but then you cannot stop appreciating it nor can you ignore it. Can you believe it!, all the following shots are digital children of the same parent.

In layman terms the camera works like this. Normal cameras do not capture all the light, but this one does. You take a shot. Go home and modify it in your lap, in what ever way you want. That simple!!. Yup its that simple.

For more information check out wired news, or check out the report by the guys who made it possible.

I am all over it, and digressed to put it here lest I lose my enthu, now am going to get into the details.