Time is no More

I was walking by, nothing unusual about it except that I have stopped walking for a long time, courtesy a physical disability which prevents me from exercising my physique. Any way coming back, I was walking by and I come across a man, nothing special in that except that he was not moving. Ok! I thought and moved on.

That was a week ago. Yesterday, I had a tough day at work and considering that my personal life was rocking (on the boat), I was in a mood that I cannot describe. The news of my cooks absence only added some more fuel. I dropped to sleep. No I did not sleep, I was again walking and the same man was next to me, in the same position. This time I don't pass by I stop and look into his eyes, pale white eyes, Oh god! He's dead. I open my eyes, expecting it to be a dream. Oh No! Its not a dream, How am I here, didn't I sleep. I was terrified. Saw the surroundings. They were the same but they are not the same. Everything was as it was on that day.

Then I noticed, everything except me was the same. I was not the same, I was as yesterday, not as a week before. What's going on, I have no clue. I go home, I am lost. Any way I go to bed hoping things will change.

I wake up, you guessed it right, I wake up in today. And frankly I have lived today, I have vague recollections of today, vague recollections of writing this article as it is. And as I am writing this, Holy Shit!! It was yesterday that I was doing this.
Does that mean I am in a time wrap? Does that mean I am oscillating in back and forth? We will see.

Now while writing this article, I take a nap. What do I see when I wake up, you cannot guess it. I am in my bed, which is in my office next to the man on the street who is still dead. And guess what, I am writing this very line at the moment when I speak this to you. It makes me think, and of course makes you think on my sanity. But I am not thinking of my sanity as that was never an issue I considered worth thinking.

Am I living in a universe where space and time have N dimensions and N degrees of freedom. I am excited, I am going to see another day another time another place and wow it baffled my imagination trained to think in Chronic-3D.

I am not sure where I will be the next moment, so am hurrying to tell you that I am off, into a world where time is no more "Time".