Time in Mutiple Dimensions.

I was going through yesterdays post and gosh it was incoherent. Now I will put it in simple words what I was targeting at. I am talking of multidimensional time. Makes sense. No!! May be you need to exercise your grey cells a bit.

Am I excited, you bet I am all over this multi dimensional time. What does that mean in to us who are used to considering time as a parameter. In the existing setup we move in time at a pace that we have no control of, in a direction that we don't control. To understand this in actual significance, how will you fee if you can move only in one direction and at a definite speed, without any freedom to turn or freak around. That is exactly the life that we are leading.

Now, just like our perceived freedom in 3 dimensions of space, if we were to have freedom in time? What we can achieve is amazing. For every present that you perceive there are infinite presents that give rise to infinite futures and infinite pasts. The definition of future, past and present is itself at stake. To take a simple analogy, in space your current position is here, now what is forward to you is what you face, what you cannot see consists your back. Now if you do an about turn your back becomes front and vice versa.

The same applies to time in multi dimension, just as all the spaces exist at same time, all times exist at same space. That is if I were dead in a time dimension t1, i will be very well alive and kicking at the same place in another time dimension t2. Now is this something very new to us, no only we are closed to realizing this fundamental truth. We have seen and heard many miracles of cure being performed by very so many people. How could they do that?? They could realize the existence of time in multiple dimensions, and make use of this to perform what they did.

Is it that simple? Yes it is! But then its still not understood by us humans. However the day is not far where some of us will the freedom to travel in time, travel in space and both.

Richard a philosopher deals more in his blog on Unchanging time and infinite past . I am little surprised to find this article at the following site, nevertheless it gives a perspective. This same site tells us how we can travel faster than light. I have more details on the mathematics of multi dimensional time, I will let you discover the joy of the numbers once I have a feel of playing in time.