My Saturday

Did I say I had grand plans for the weekend?

No, I did not. But then I had my plans nevertheless. Plans to sleep, plans to laze around with a book, plans to write a enlightening blog and many more. So why am cribbing now, How do I tell you the misfortune that had fallen on me.

Habituated to go to office on weekends, I started my day in office.I had no intentions of staying there for more than half an hour. Not being satisfied with going to office, I called one of my colleague and inquired about his where about. He gave me a message which was music to my ears.
"There is some issue with the lab network and some of the machines are down". The tricky part here is that these some included the servers. If all the machines had come down, we would have restarted all of them. Now since only some of them have come down we started root causing an issue which eluded us all through the day, the evening and the night.
Finally what we did is, restart :).

So when the gong strikes 12 at midnight, I am writing this waiting for the application on the servers to come up.