Main Entry: kaizen
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: Japanese for continuous and incremental improvement, a business philosophy about working practices and efficiency; improvement in productivity or performance
Etymology: Japanese `change for the better'

If there is any person who epitomizes this word in its essence it is Dr. Krishna Kumar. Who is this Krishna Kumar and what had he got to do with Kaizen? I will come to that.

It was some time in mid 1996, when I went for a workshop on what IIT-JEE is all about. Being highly oppiniated, I was not very impressed by the person who conducted the workshop, but then there was something about him that stuck with me. That was what made me go to him for seeking coaching to help me get past the hurdle (IIT-JEE), for entering the premiere institutes in India. And as they say the rest is history.

Mine was the first batch with about some 50 students and I tell you even today it is not very different, probably a few more but definitely in two digits. With such modest beginning, it is truly amazing what he has achieved over the past 8 results. With a best rank of 387 and 9 students clearing the exam, he has come a long way to a best rank of 9 and 23 students making it. That's stupendous when you consider there is no fowl play.

No do I need to explain why he epitomizes Kaizen.