IIT Alumni Meet

IIT, the name sounds a chime in most of the Indians mind. Someone or the other they knew is related to this TLA (Three lettered Abbreviation). Without venturing into the details, for those of you who are ignorant to this IIT phenomena, it should suffice to say that IIT's are most reputed engineering colleges in India and have carved out a name for themselves on the world stage. It would not have been possible had it not been for its students, the prodigious talent from India, who made the world there playing ground.

By now you would have made out that I am one of those belonging to the IITian clan. The reason for me to bring up this topic today is a direct outcome of an event that happened yesterday. I am referring to the IIT Kharagpur Alumni meet that was organized in Chinaswamy stadium.

The setting was perfect, it just rained before people started trickling in like the drops that trickle over cheeks in a drizzle. The lush green outfield was marvelous. All the birds roosting at this time in the evening on the stands was a sight not worth missing.

Talking to total strangers whom you have never met till that date, and then getting along with them as if you knew them all your life. That's something that happens only at few gatherings, and trust me IIT Alumni gathering is one such.

Luckily for me, not many from my batch turned up, leaving me ample time to interact and socialize with some of the older folks. Some of the noticeable persons are the, DIG of Bangalore police currently heading the cyber crime branch. And very many people heading their own organizations or a large part of an MNC. To think of that we shared the same campus with these folks from a different time was enthralling.

After some inter hall competitions of Dumbcharades and antakshari, which were essentially fun, we discussed on some serious matters concerning the governing of the Association. Where we want to take the Bangalore chapter and then topic of these days, 'reservation'.

In essence it was the meet of a group which believes to the core that they can do anything in this world, once they set their sight on it. The experience simply cannot be described.