Just Back

Two hectic days, I would not say of work. But, nevertheless two hectic days. And I was away from blogging. Now if you have ever revisited the site, you will notice the spurt in the number of posts over the last few days. In fact to be precise, from 13th of May 2006. The reason, hmm.. implementation of my new year resolution.

I started out with lot of pieces with grandiose plans, but I know they ended up in some obscure folder on my laptop waiting to break the shackles and see the day (is there a day for net??). Then suddenly I realized, I will never write anything if I plan, so just keep writing something until I can write what I want to.

The result is very obvious, this post.


sushie said...

keep writing..keep writing..cause its all good when you have such perfect words staring at you..to describe exactly how you feel...so bring it on..fellow blogger..cheers

Unknown said...

Thanks Sushie, for the encouragin words. Words will keep flowing out of me.