The Dilemma

How much time did I spend in researching the right one for me? I don't know. I am talking about the camera that I am yet to buy.

It started around two years ago, when I decided satiate my desire for that extra eye. After days of mining the net for all the possible details, I decided ok wait for two years and go for a DSLR. Not a bad decision in the words of a photographer friend of mine. The lure of a better gadget in the hand could dissipate the fire in me. Not very long ago, the fire was rekindled by a passing glance at a master piece.

Ok, enough is enough I decided on getting one this time. Which Camera to choose. After much deliberation, consulting, and what not, I decided upon Canon EOS350D. This is a beautiful camera in its own respects. If you thought my trouble ended there, you cannot be mistaken more. All my trouble started with this decision. With great difficulty I also found a friend who was to return from US in a week. Now, Now the site from which I planned to buy this piece did not accept my plastic money. And with no time this friend of mine was back home.

This setback put off the camera plans by over 2 weeks. Now When I was about to order, I set my eyes on Nikon D50, another beauty for at the price. What ever is my nature of the processor in my mind, I ventured to study this in detail.

If you know me, you may not be surprised now to see this piece of writing. Yes, I am in a dilemma should I go for the Canon Rebel XT, or the Nikon D50? Both look really tempting for the features they offer for the price they come.

Drop in your thoughts. I will let you know mine once I close on one of these.