Weaving Magic

Ten days and more and no post. This is very much against at least one blog a week. Any way I do have a not so very valid reason, that I am away from net, for most of the time last week. And then I have these exams that are taking my time. Any way I thought let me take out the time to put my opinions on the happenings over the last few days.

Getting back to the title of the blog 'Weaving Magic', what else do you think I am referring to other than one religion that binds billions of humans across the world. Let me admit, I am no zealous fan of soccer, but then when I am witness to a miracle, i am no fool not to realize this.

I am talking about the match between Argentina and Serbia& Montenegro. It was pure magic. Until that day, I never realized the words of thousands of soccer fans on the magic on field. Today I was a mute witness, left speechless at the end of the 2hr long spectacle.

What should I talk of the 24 passes ending in goals, or the 571 or more passes that Argentina created in the span of 90 minutes. I just have no words. Since then I became a real fan of foot ball. See how one fellow blogger compare this to music.

So many matches, since that day and I tell you, I enjoyed the beauty of the game in all the matches I watched. Check out what Danny has to say about this world cup. This has been a fantastic world cup so far. Whoever wins, at the end of the day I rest with the knowledge that I have been witness to one of the greatest creation of man.

PS: For those of you who need some factual information on the Argentina - Serbia match please visit the links below.
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Pictures, that is what you are waiting for.