Land of Gods

Days just flew by since by last post. A lot has happened since Time! Aha.
To give you some incentive to return to my page more often, I have finally got a Canon EOS Rebel XT. Now this blog is going to have some of the best photo shoots ever.

Leaving that there, I was on a vacation to Delhi, then to the Uttarnachal, the Land of Gods. It was an amazing trip, think of it, a completely unplanned vacation except for the base location.

Some of my friends from Delhi will sure be cross for me not seeing them, but then folks I just was looking for some break from a big city, so next time sure to have a gala time in Delhi.

A lot in the greatest extravaganza on the earth, ashamed to say that I missed the 2hrs of action for which I have waited for 4 years. More on that in the coming posts.

life's Like that, some ups and some downs.