Buy a Handmade Robot with Wii Mobile

Aha!! I have five things with me today that will make you say Aha!!. Without wasting any time I go on to these things. At the end of it you will probably make out what the title of the post means., its so cute. Just check out their concept very simple, its a place for people like you and me who fiddle with things and make some other things out of them, to see those things. Pretty common, this is what e-bay does? Isn't it, Did you visit the site before you make a comment. Etsy rates very high on the coolness, usability factors, and the way they have used technology to create some sexy ways of navigation. Check color, geolocator, treasury, connections , I am at loss to answer if creativity enhances technology or technology enhances creativity. Before I leave, check out the blog, the folks out there are simply amazing.

Talk about creativity and the first thing that comes to my mind is what I am going to post here. These amazing photos are probably a big coincidence, but don't they tickle your grey cells for a few moments at the timing and remind you how some people are at the right place at the right time.

Now we will move on to some more mundane stuff. These days all the sites seem to follow one mantra, KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Check out this site TELLME, a very clean concise, to the point information without all clutter, I usually associate with companies pre Web2.0. Not only that tellme, has come up with a cool applet for you mobiles to locate business, essentially doing what one used to do with 411.(Folks in US throw some light on 411, I am ignorant of what exactly it does).

For sometime we have been hearing a lot about Wii. It has created and continues to create ripples across the gamin world. But, what sets Wii apart from other consoles is that it has broken into new areas which were traditionally inaccessible to gaming companies. Looks like it has awaken the dormant gamer in every one. One of the main reasons might be the ease of use, where even a small child could use it. The number of hacks making it into a laptop. People have come up with regimens to lose weight. Check out what Brendon Chase has to write about wiimote or the wii remote control.

On a closing note check this small little fellow called PLEN(any Japanese to help me translate the site). According to crunchgear its a humanoid robot that can roller skate around a hard surface. This little fellow also comes equipped with blue tooth and a not so remote possibility of being controlled by your blue tooth mobile phone.

Its time of cool, sexy stuff. Small is definitely the in thing!
And now can you make out what the title means?