iDeas of the Week

Ok! back again with a post. Before the RIP of i Think, i Wait, i Fast, I used to blog without much study of the subject. It was mostly what I understood from a chance lecture, meeting or my personal opinion on something. However, many things changed now. I am now loath to write about something without that doing sufficient back ground work or without proper understanding of the topic. Call this becoming obsessive or moving to the echelons of writing, know not I. One more thing that is apparent is the need to improve my language both vocabulary and grammar. I haven't initiated any attempts at either but am sure with more writing (coming out of writers block), I will improve in this area.

Enough of digressing from the post title. I will just provide you with links to some cool stuff that I have come across. Those of you interested can dig it up further. I have no qualms in mentioning that this is the style I picked from New Scientist Technology Blog post Elsewhere today.
Dragon Naturally Speaking a big stride in speech recognition from Nuance Technology. (Digital Inspiration)

Website in a widget from (Venture Beat)

A widget to share files on your blog!! Boxnet (Venture Beat)

On a similar note another easy to use Writeboard, a service which is very lite and easy to use.

The last idea for the day is primetimetables, this site enables you to book tables. It for sure sounds good.

Ok, that's the first list. Will see more in the future. Drop by a few lines on what you want to see in this space and also on how I can improve this blog.