ideas Roundup

Looks like I have some time these days to spend some time on whats happening. The last few weeks have seen lots of ups and downs, affecting the performance of my little Grey Cells. I was waiting for the past few days thinking of what to write about, typical writers block you would say. Then I came across some cool stuff which you all should know of.

Imagine, if only you could display the funny picture where you caught a friend off guard to all your friends, shoot a concept with your mobile and project it without the hassle of connecting to a projector or a PC. Imagine being able to watch your favorite TV show when ever and where ever you want on a large enough display. Those of you who have wished for such devices, hold your breath the time is not far when you can buy one for yourself or your loved ones.
This is a dummy phone with a real projector showcased by TI at CES in January 2007. For a detail on this check out this item on cnet. This article on digitimes throws some more light on the specs. You can watch some picutres over here.
Now DLP is not the only technology, we have a few others from Microvision. Check out there PicoP over here. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have are working on a making mini projectors affordable. For those of you vieing for more details check this out(page 53). A very good article on this is available at primidi. How I wish to lay my hands on this device.

Moving over to another area. For all those Scott Adams out there who shied away because of drawing skills. You have a good news, check out toondoo, its a cool site where you can create your own toon strips. Check out the details here on TechCrunch.

Not to disappoint the hard core Potter fans, check out mugglecast. This is for all you muggle out there. Finally to end this roundup. Check this YCombinator Startup School event. There were some cool speakers from Facebook founder to Lotus founder. Check this link on SiliconBeat, I fid the comments more useful.

Have fun.