Top Ten Favorite Nothings

    I was watching a soap on the idiot box. The conversation among the various artists who happen to be three siblings goes as follows:

    Brother 1(Actor):

    Actors are more popular than doctors.


    I second you dear.

    Brother 2 (Doctor):

    What s*** doctors are more popular.

    Brother 1:

    Sis, name a few favorite doctors?


    %&$&^% ****** Dr. Abul Kalam

    Brother 2:

    He's not the kind of doctor we are talking about

    Brother 1:

    Now, can you tell me your favorite actors?


    Amithab, SRK, Salman, Hrithik ********

    The show went on, but it set me thinking. All of us have favorites in places to visit, film actors, cricket players, movies, music albums, singers , mobile phones, cameras, and a host of other things. Now do we ever stop to think of our favorites in some of the mundane things in life. A great example was doctors as seen above.

    It set me thinking and compelled me to come up with my list of top ten things, about which I never cared for. Think of it, I never even thought about how important these things are in my life. Here I post the list and in a blog at a later date will come up with the favorites.

  1. Sanitary Napkins I use at office.
  2. My favorite Doctor
  3. The marker I use at office.
  4. The duster I use at office
  5. The machine used to fill air in my bike
  6. Petrol bunk where I fill petrol
  7. Broom to clean my house
  8. Window shutters at office
  9. Company that make the electrical wires
  10. Capacitors used in my computer
  11. Resistors used in all my electrical equipments
  12. Packaging for host of products that I buy.
  13. Tools to open my computer.
  14. Ball bearings in my vehicle.
  15. Stapler I use.
  16. Gem clips I use.
  17. Petrol bunk person
  18. Bottle I use to drink water
  19. Tube light holders
  20. Trash bag cans
  21. Side kicks in the advertisements
  22. Led's in my remote.
  23. Hands of a clock
  24. Dials of a watch
  25. Picture tube
  26. Watchman at various places I go
  27. Girls who impressed at first sight
  28. Sudoku puzzle I solve daily
  29. Websites I don't visit any more
  30. Time to sleep
  31. Projects that I left mid way
  32. Self help books I hate

  33. I force myself to stop here. I started out with ten, but the list looks never ending. Looks like there are many many things I have never thought of at all. Do I need to have a favorite for each of these, may be yes may not be for many things.

    If this strikes a chord, do post some comments to extend this list. I hope to come up with favorites for each of the items.