Second Edition

Good news for all those out there in the wild. It's time for you to come out into the open and showcase your brain child to the world. If you are an early stage start up in need to showcase your technology, someone looking for those green backs to take you to the next level, looking out for some smart folks on whom you can bet your money. It's time to act.

"" is coming out with its second edition in July 2007. The nominations are open for some time. All you folks out there take time to be present at what can be called the biggest startup fare in India. One more encouraging news is that this time around, they are accepting nominations from other Asian countries. For more information check out there blog.

Now for people like me, who might be interested in just following up on what is happening over there, please wait for some more time until you get more information. Will post more info. once I get closer to it.