Hungry Bangalore goes Mobile

Last time I reviewed the Hungry Bangalore site was in January. They have come far in the past few months. As usual the restaurants you can reach has increased. But the features to talk about is HB on mobile and the site has got a new look and feel.

I haven't done a due diligence on the site and the features as in the earlier post. I plan to do it very shortly. Until then please go ahead and read what the HB team has to say about there new offerings. I reproduce the letter that the HB team has sent across.


Your HungryBangalore is all set for a delicious cause... to drive your hunger away with improved service. This was only possible with your most valued feedback and suggestions, which we take seriously. Here is the list of some delicious features:

1. Signup now to earn HB Points and each time you make your tummy happier you earn more HB Points.These points can be redeemed with cool Foster goodies and Meal Vouchers.

2. While you wait for your food to be delivered, explore the sizziling recipes, articles & the health tip section. Add your own comments on the restaurants which might help other to decide.

3. HB is also available on your MOBILE though zook, the local search engine in town. So if you are on the move and hungry follow the steps below:

You can send an SMS - " ZOOK " to 3030; e.g. "zook chinese blr" or if you know the restaurant where to order from "zook chandni chowk blr"
[ BTW, You can also just use "Z" instead of " ZOOK" ]
Reply from zook
zook :Restaurant: Chandni Chowk
Cuisine: Punjabi
Phone: +918041102222
Address: 80 ft Road, Koramangala Bangalore - India (Koramangala ) 560095
1. SMS "RESERVE 1 for 5" to 3030 to book a table for 5 at Chandni Chowk
2. SMS " ORDER" to 3030 for a callback for delivery/takeaway orders

We hope these features would help us serve you better. Apart from these big changes, we have tried to improve our wesite to make ordering food easier and more fun. We have added many new restaurants, offers, events from our fun partners Fosters and features which we are sure you would love to explore. So do visit your trusted food ordering portal . As always, your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

Thanks and Warm Regards,
HungryBangalore team