Bringo! Call Customer Service a Click away

Telephone Banking, Tickets on Telephone,Telephone helpline, and so on and so forth. Most of us have used one or the other service. All of us know how long we have to listen to the pre recorded voices which offer all the things in the world except what we are looking for.

Calling a Bank, Airlines,or any other similar service is usually a pain, It's not easy to get through to a real human being (executive) at the other end. Apart from the myriad combination of keys one has to press, one also has to wait for an eternity before the call lands in a place where we wanted it to land in the first place.

This startup Bringo (not Bingo), is addressing the above issue in an innovative way. They have a list of companies for which they offer a service called no phone tree. It's a fairly simple process where we first choose the vendor, enter our phone number and forget it. Once the call goes through to the service executive of the vendor, Bringo connects us to the executive. That is it, simple and straight forward. Check out this post on TechCrunch for more details. Now if only we have a similar service in India.

Since I am on services on telephone. I have to mention two services which have impressed me the most in the recent past. The first is Reliance Infocomm.(*333). All old timers know how much of a pain it was to get to the service executive without hearing all the nonsense they blurt out(their awful wait tone, I want to hang myself on hearing that). One also cannot forget the time it used to take before someone picks the call. However, In recent times it has changed, You are just a couple of key press away from customer serivce executive and also the wait times have reduced by a whopping margin.

The other service is JustDial, this is so far the best experience I have with services on telephone. You get connected to the person at the other end even before you realise that you heard the first ring. I have never been disappointed with them even once in over 10calls. I am sure you are curious about the technology behind JustDial's search. Check out this post on, it has an interview with the founder of the company that powers JustDial.