Pixel n Ink

You all know, I get very excited about non IT start ups. Though I don't have anything about IT start ups, Non-IT interests me. That too, if it happens to be started by someone I know, by someone with whom I spent time in the past. It's just plain joy to hear of them.

[tHe fIrm]
Now, if you feel the reason "Pixel n Ink" finds a place here on my blog is because I know the co founder, no one can be more wrong than you. Just take a look at the kind of work they have done and then we will talk more about them.

Impressive aren't they. Now to come to a few more details about the founders. Check out this slide show.

I am sure you don't have any more qualms about what these two can do. Mukesh and I were in the same hostel for two years. From what I know of him he is a very energetic, creative guy. I still remember our night outs before diwali for the Illumination competition.In reply to a few questions from me, Mukesh gave the following answers(edited). If any of you feel "Pixel n Inc" can make a difference to your life contact them.

[iN tEeir wOrds]
What kind of advertising do you do(Print, TV, Web, etc)?
We are into following domains
- Print ads (newspaper, magazines, brochure, hoardings etc)
- Online ads
- Logo design + Packaging
- Television ads
- Radio ads
- T-shirt printing (slogan designing + printing)

Whom do you take as customers?
We accept pretty much any customer. e.g social service, roommate, telecom, wedding, ITES, personals, apparels, theater. To give you an idea, we pretty much cover all industries.

What is the differentiating factor with Pixel n Inc, with so many other advertising
firms around?
In advertising industry, ideas and presentation are the two main things which can distinguish if at all from other companies. Humour is our USP and we showcased it in our presentation. At the same time we showcased our ideation and presentation skills. If somebody finds them different/better than others, they should come to us.

Are you looking for investors at this point in time? What are your growth plans?
We are not looking for investors at the moment. So we haven't publicized our growth plans/milestones etc. But we do have some internal milestones and we are doing pretty good with those targets.

There website should be up at any time. On, me quizzing this issue, this is what Mukesh had to say, "It demands good effort in designing and maintaining, while right now we are having a lot of projects to deliver and we feel that is of higher priority.But yes, site will definitely be up in few days, and when it is up, it will have all the required details, not only 1-2 pages." (Do I hear First things First or Customer First)

[iN mY eYes]
From what I know of Mukesh, and the no nonsense approach with which he and Karthik seem to approach "Pixel n Inc", I am sure they are high on my list of to watch start ups. They also earn the project to design my wedding card (If and When I get married ;)).

[tHe eNd]
It takes great courage to leave a high paying job with a big firm to chase one's dreams. I am proud of Mukesh and Karthik for what they have started. I wish them both great luck and prosperity, from myself and all of you (my readers).