Mobile Monday Bangalore

One year, 12meetings a lot of ideas and host of people a charged atmosphere, this is what MoMo Bangalore is today. I got to hear about MoMo from a friend of mine in March this year. The concept is simple, a group of people who are interested in the wireless space meet once in a month and let discuss on the trends, challenges, opportunities that this space has to provide.

Yesterday, I was there at the 12th MoMo Bangalore, need I say I was Impressed. Boy! the level of enthusiasm was infectious. The topic for the evening was IMS-FMC and India, the speaker Akshay Agrawal a head of India Business Development Team at TI India. It was not like any normal seminar/lecture you might have attended, a very lively discussion ensued. Frankly being an outsider to the field, I could just only follow the direction of the discussion and not all the details. However, to give tell you one thing the main idea of the discussion was convergence.

After an hour of brain storming, we had a good presentation of jB5 a mobile browser by Jataayu Software. Since I haven't used any high end browser, I am not in a position to compare it with other mobile browsers in the market. However, usability wise, I feel it does a good job. Will hopefully get to review it when I lay my hands on one. The demo went fine with lots of question being thrown about the usage, business model and host of other things.

Finally, it was time for some snacks(courtesy Jataayu Software), I got to talk to some of the people. Many of them entrepreneurs or working on mobile platforms and stuff. One company that interested me right away and might interest you as well is Active Mobs, a group SMS service. Check it out, its really cool. I will write about them shortly.

To end this post, let me introduce you the men behind MoMo Bangalore, Rajiv and Rajan. Thanks to both for such a wonderful meet.