Spcok Invitations! Hurry Up

People Search, is the next big thing in search. There are many firms in this space to serivce us, the people. It's not uncommon these days for many to google a person before making decisions on anything. However, we all know that though google is good, its not good enough in this area. And hence it's not surprising that this niche area is being eyed by quite a few.

One of them is Spock. Founded by Jaideep Singh (CEO) and Jay Bhatti (VP Product), it is currently in the beta stage and fast moving towards the release. I have used it and find that it's pretty good and does better job than many others. Check out this post by Michael Arrington from TechCrunch for some details and screen shots. This will take you to the results thrown by a search on TechCrunch.

I will review the site some time later. Before that I have 3 invites with me for Spock. If you are interested drop a mail/comment. The first requests will be serviced. So what are you waiting for shoot a mail.


Anonymous said...


First time visitor of your site. Caught your blog at the upcomig.com

Could you please send me an spock invite to shahnavas dot g at gmail dot com.