Registration and Usability

Every site that you visit asks you to register with lots of information. Filling out the information is an area where usability plays an important role. I have shied away from registering on many sites because of the pain in the registration process. I always wondered why no one has taken this up and simplified the registration process. Many sites including my favorite google are a pain in this aspect.

However, I have come across a site which has gladdened my heart consoling me that there are some really sensible people out there who are making the web a better place. I was trying to leave a comment on the FoundRead site, and when it asked for registration, I skipped it almost. But, thought better of it and decided to register.

The link takes me to this screen on PublicSquare a company which calls itself Painless Publishing for providing such services. I will review the offerings of PublicSquare later. Coming back to the registration screen. It had just the bare necessities of login name, mail id, and password in a simple layout. The register button is visible and not obscure as I have seen on some sites in the past, just a link or small almost invisible button.

When I enter text in the login field and move to another text box, there is small indication towards the right of the text box indicating whether or not the username is existing, whether it matches the criteria of length and so on. Isn't it terrific, rather than clicking on a link to find out if the username exists, just show it on the form without any active involvement from user. The same is with the passwords.

The folks at PublicSquare have done a great job here. Do you know some sites with such cool usability features, some sites which have enhanced your experience, please feel free to drop by and point me to those.


Abhinav said...

Buxfer ( is also one such site, this can treat your gmail or yahoo id as buxfer id. (and they don't store your yahoo/google passward with them, rather they use APIs)

Unknown said...

That was a good link. It's really very simple. and does very comfortable for a user. I wish more and more sites move to such modes.

Anonymous said...

check out

It also offers on-the-fly validation for several types of fields.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. It sure is very easy to use them.
In fact the good thing is shows what is wrong visually.