Relocation to Bangalore /NCR is now just a Walkin

"Congratulations for the new job!! I am very happy that you will be shifting to Bangalore.", I said to Ravi(my friend) when he was moving to Bangalore. Yes, I was very happy he was coming here. The date had come when finally Ravi was in this city and thus started a fortnight of running around the brokers, analysing the traffic, moving the luggage to Bangalore, scouting for an agent to supply a water purifier, and innumerable other things that all of us have faced sometime or the other. That was when I felt, If only someone offers me a service to get all these things done, without me running around it would be great. From a business and entrepreneurial view point there is huge untapped market to address.

About a month back, a friend of mine directed me to a service which promises to address the above issue. "easylifeservices", this new kid on the block(about 2months old) promises to do just what I was telling. A one stop service for all relocation issues. I like the idea, if you go to their site, they talk about services from travel plan to essential amenities.

Moving to a new location is always an issue, packing, searching for a new house which is in a good location, fits your budget, near the office is a big challenge, moving the car, registering it, my God! it's not easy. If you are married, you have the issue of school, hospital for kids and a great deal of other stuff like getting the essential services like phone, cable and host of other things to get up and running. easylifeservices is in this space and address these issues.

To avail yourself of services from easylifeservices, you need to sign up and sign in. Once inside you click on the "New Relocation Request". There are few questions regarding your relocation plans, which you need to fillup and submit. That is it, the people from easylifeservices will contact you and set the ball rolling. No more running around from pillar to post, all the concerned parties will contact you and address your issues.Currently they are having operations in the NCR region and Bangalore, I am sure they plan to start in other cities too. They have partnered with various firms to offer these services.

Ok, now you are worried, one more guy to lighten your pocket. Hold on right here, the best part about this service is that it's absolutely free to you. What more the vendors offer you a discounted price if you go through easylifeservices. Doesn't it sound too good to be true? Yes It does, but then It's true.

You might be in any place on earth and if you wish to relocate, I guess easylifeservices will make your life simpler. I have talked to one of the founders Manas Agarwal of easylifeservices. Keep tuned to this space for a design/business review and also for an interview with Manas and hear what he has to say to all of you.