Tangled Web!! -2

Atanu Dey has come up with the second part of his post Tangled Web. I have talked about the first post in this post of mine. In this post Atanu continues with his experience with the Cab driver on the Pune-Mumbai trip.

Then he goes on to talk about how people accommodate deteriorating systems over time. In this regard something strikes me similar in our jobs. Initially when one shifts to a new company, he/she finds many things which are wrong/right with that. Over a period of time the same (mind you keeping all things constant) things become right/wrong respectively. What do you have to say about that?

Next he moves on to tell about how our expectations get revised for worse. Take my case, its been about a month since I applied for broadband and am still waiting for one. I would be happy if I get a connection irrespective of whether i have full connectivity or not. (From a demand of full time always connected .)