Money Bloggers Make

Blogging has changed the way communication on and off the web happens. We are aware that many bloggers make money out of blogging. Being human, its only natural that we want to know how much money they make. Here's a way to quench your curiosity. Paula Neal has come up with a list of famous bloggers and their salaries.

Check out this link, to see how much bloggers make. Its really interesting how much money the top bloggers make. No salary can match these figures. There is something for Indians to cheer about. We have Digital Inspiration at 12th position on Paula's list. This is a great news and am sure is inspiring for aspiring bloggers.However, there is a caution, don't be envious/ jealous of those who make money. They have spent lot of time and effort to reach where ever they are. Be inspired by them and carve your own niche.(Some of the blogs like problogger offer you tips on how to improve your blogs)

I Wish that these bloggers make more and more money providing us all the information. And to all those in the waiting to unleash their potential, Great luck.


Paris David said...

Thanks for linking to me, and your words of encouragement to all bloggers are wonderful.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Inspired... as before !!
But what would really inspire me is to know, if you don;t mind my asking,how much YOU make, since I see myself hosting a blog similar to this one and not like any of those on the List.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice words

Dude.. at this point i make more from loitering around the Bangalore roads than from my blog. (Need to do market it !! ).