Tangled Web!!

This was a very interesting post by Atanu Dey. If you follow this blog regularly this name will strike a chord. Check this post on mobile advertising.
In this he talks about Death, Vagabond and A Cab ride. I am waiting for the next post. Will update the link on this post. So keep tuned.

Since I am here and I have to fill up a few pages, I will introduce you to a new startup a cafe' in Bangalore. It's called BrewHaHa, a very interesting concept of Cafe' where you can hang out, play games, dance, play music, and what not. Check them out!!. I will be there this weekend and will let you know more about the folks behind this.

Until then check out what the people behind BrewHaHa say about themselves,

"BrewHaHa is a community-driven entertainment lounge where there's always something to do. Whether it's one of our 65 specially imported board games designed at group audiences, our fun events or hobby classes, we assure you there's no way you're going to be bored in Koramangala any more. Unless of course you're not at BrewHaHa!"