Open Source: Social Networking Platforms

Social networking is the in thing. It has transcended the realms of your friends. Now we have community sites for almost everything that you can think of. In India too we have lots of startups coming in this space.

Some of you with ideas in this space might be overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do get your idea up and running. Don't worry, there are lot of good open source platforms out there.

If you feel Open source stuff is a bit taxing, then you have some hosted solutions. Just pay a few bucks and you have a full fledged social net running.

What are you waiting for pick your favorite and let your community grow.

This list is by no way exhaustive. If you know of any which are not listed here, do let me know. I will include them here.

Note: The above list is in alphabetical order.


Open Source Social Networking

TechCrunch: KickApps


Free Social Networking Software


Anonymous said...

Great stuff !! I was , coincidentally, looking for exactly such a list.

Unknown said...

Nice to know it was useful. Do let me know if you get to check out some. so that I can write one more on which ones to use !!