Smart Contact Forms

Contact forms for companies are one of the most boring things. More so for the users than for the companies. I guess not attention is paid in designing the contact form. Worse some companies don't even have one. They try to make you go round and round about a FAQ page.

Some one out there is smart enough and applied their brains. Check out how Geni went about in designing their contact form.In the above picture, the "From FAQ" is dynamic in nature and changes based on what you type in the text box above. Isn't it great. Instead of making on go through endless FAQ's. I guess the same approach will do wonders to many FAQ pages.

A good design need not be radical, it needs to use the technology/tools in an interesting and user friendly way.

Ajaxian (source for the above post)


david mcmahon said...

G'day Ramjee,

Design is everything!



Unknown said...

yes design is everything. It's is very well known that great products failed because of simple flaws in the design.