Open Source CMS platforms

Following up the good response to the "Open Source Social Networking Platforms", I am back with a list of CMS platforms. If only CMS platforms were as simple as SNS platforms. There are way too many. Not very surprising considering the broad definition of content and the broad applications they are used in. I present here a small list of Open Source CMS platforms, without bothering about all the commercial ones.

At the end of this post, I provide a few links which give you more information than what I mention here.

Open Source

Open Source CMS (The name says it all, the best of all lists)
e-Learning (CMS for developing educational content)
Making a Better Open Source CMS
sex, lies and CMS Vendors (Clearing the Myths)

If you have used any of the above, please leave your experiences in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Your site is slowly becoming my preferred resource for Open Source softwares. I usually know atleast 4-5 softwares in every domain, but you end up posting ... like 15 - 20 of them.. and all good ones, and it just fascinates me .
Good job Dude !! Keep up the good work !!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Raseel.
I am very much a OSF person (though I am not part of any).
The main reason behind writing this post is to know what is happening in the OSF world.
I do my research to write this post and thus keep myself updated.
Let me know of something interesting over this place.
I will keep writing about them (will try for at least one every week.)


jovemac said...

hey Ram!

A valid collection of Opensource CMS indeed...

Anonymous said...

I've had great experience with Joomla. This CMS has great features and could by expanded greatly with different types of addon extensions.

I've heard a lot of great things about Drupal and TextPattern, but I have not had any experience with those two.

Unknown said...


Yes, I have heard the same about Joomla from some folks (regarding the ease of using).
Textpattern is supposed to be great for blogging.

Drupal is one of the most widely used .(must be some reason behind it).