2nd Bangalore Open Coffee Club Meet to discuss Marketing 2.0

Ok!! We are nearing the second meet of the Bangalore Open Coffee Club. The first meet kick started with in a big way. The details of the second meet are as follows:

Venue: Brewhaha (Directions)
Time: Sunday (11Am)
Date: 2nd September 2007
Contacts: Ram(09342509088), Vaibhav(9986186194)

Plan to attend this meet, one of it's kind in this part of the world. Do not forget to register your presence on upcoming(http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/240840). This will help us in having an idea on the number of people who might come.

We will be discussing on Marketing 2.0 this time. The discussion will revolve around how to market your product/service in the 2.0 world. Entrepreneurs among you, share what worked and what did not. Those just starting out can put their marketing dilemma.

Check out Vaibhav's post for some more details.

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